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Spotlight on Be Moore Interpreting

Meet Shirley X. Moore and Zoila Bernal of Be Moore Interpreting!

Four years ago, the two founded Be Moore Interpreting in Pawtucket to serve the interpretation and translation needs of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Shirley and Zoila began Be Moore with $25 a month! They both had worked as freelance interpreters for many companies and in the non-profit sector. They had experienced the challenges of working with interpreters and working for interpreting firms. They wanted to launch a firm that focused on the client experience and ensured a full interpretation!

Be Moore interpreters are trained to provide a contextual interpretation which includes emotion, influx and body language so that clients are “fully” heard, every time. Whether the interpretation is for a legal, medical or personal appointment, their team of professional foreign language providers make sure every person becomes a thriving member of the world around them.

Their favorite part about their job is that they get to make a difference every day! “Our work is empowering, connecting and supporting our community on a daily basis. There's no better feeling than that,” Shirley and Zoila told us.

Be Moore Interpreting received a recent grant from Washington Trust, in partnership with Lawyers for Civil Rights and Tufts Health Plan. The $1,000 grant helped them purchase PPE for their 100 subcontractors who would've traditionally had to purchase their own equipment for in-person assignments.

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