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Chi Kitchen, Pawtucket, RI

Meet Minnie Luong, Co-owner and Founder of Chi Kitchen in Pawtucket!

Minnie was born on a beautiful rice farm in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam and grew up in a loving, food-obsessed family in Pawtucket, RI. Back then it was hard to find quality Asian ingredients at their local grocery stores to make their favorite dishes. So they grew and preserved their own foods in order to connect with their culture and to enjoy healthy and delicious family meals together.

Chi Kitchen has been thriving for five years and remains dedicated to creating healthy Asian food products for the well-being and vitality of their customers. They are known for their award-winning fermented kimchi, sesame slaw, and kimchi pickles. Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented spicy cabbage dish that is loaded with billions of beneficial probiotics. It offers a slew of health benefits: Low in calories, high in fiber, it helps with digestive health, it is an anti-inflammatory; known to support the immune system and lower cholesterol. She says "it's the healthiest snack you should be eating right now!"

Minnie’s favorite part about being a small business owner is building relationships with her employees, customers, and partners. “Our goal is to extend our positive CHI, which means ‘energy and life force,’ into everything we do for the betterment of our community,” Minnie told us.

Minnie and Tim found great value in having a personal connection with Washington Trust and say, “our relationship with Washington Trust has helped us grow, even during a global pandemic.” They love owning a business in Rhode Island because it is a small, connected community where business owners can interact and learn from one other.

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