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Business Spotlight: Dianne Giorgetti, Medicare Advisor

Meet Dianne Giorgetti, Medicare Advisor in Rhode Island and Connecticut!

Dianne became a Medicare Advisor three years ago, when she saw that her current employer only offered limited Medicare products. She enjoyed helping people sort out the confusion of going on to Medicare, and wanted to be able to offer all available products and continue her work in the insurance industry.

Now, she can offer all the Medicare plans that RI has to offer and can align people with the plan makes the most sense for their individual needs. There are several options to choose from, and the process can be tricky without the help of an expert like Dianne.

“My secret recipe is being able to take the confusion out of the process of going onto Medicare or changing a Medicare plan,” said Dianne, “ I love watching a person’s face when they understand and have the confidence in the decision they make.”

Dianne has been doing business with Washington Trust for over 30 years and says, “they have always been helpful with questions I have to move forward.”

Annual enrollment is coming up October 15- December 7. Dianne’s services are always at no cost! Send Dianne an email with questions at .

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